Welcome to Fabb Florals with Rebecca DiFabbio!

becca pic3It wasn’t until I worked my first job as a floral assistant when I was 15 years old that I discovered my love of flowers. I learned how a simple floral arrangement could make such a positive impact on someone’s day and it felt great to be a part of that. With my great-great-grandfather having owned his own greenhouses, I knew it was in my blood.

I sparked an interest so much so while working in the flower shop that I took a floriculture class at my high school and competed nationally on my high school’s floriculture team. We memorized house plants, fresh cut flowers, and perfected the art of creating wristlets and boutonnieres (although I still struggle to spell “boutonniere” without spell check lol!).

When I wanted to start a new blog, I thought about what could truly make a positive impact to others. Writing about flowers seemed like an obvious choice, and I am looking forward to sharing all there is to know about how to make your home fabbulously floral.

With Fabb Florals, you have landed on the go-to blog for the best floral DIY ideas and inspiration. Want to create the perfect center piece for your dining room table? Looking for a special gift for a friend? Don’t know what to do with your delicious garden veggies? You’re in luck! I have your back. Fabb Florals will be your guide to making your home a little more fabbulous.

Be you. Be creative. Be kind.